International Swimming Belgium

Teaching children to swim from the age of 4, without goggles and without buoys, that is my philosophy...

I have been passionate about swimming since 1972, first as a swimmer and then as a level 4 coach, in order to be able to share with young people all that this sport has given me: rigour, determination, hard work and accomplishment 

Over time, I refined my coaching techniques by meeting great coaches in the United States, France and Luxembourg and by participating in international competitions as a technical assistant and then as a national coach.

This experience has allowed me to find my technique for teaching swimming to give your child confidence so that water is a pleasure for him.

Teaching children from the age of 4 to swim without glasses and without buoys by moving from vertical balance to horizontal balance to make an arrow with their eyes open in the water.

On this basis, we learn the 3 strokes (crawl, backstroke and breaststroke) with the aim of acquiring a good technique.

Marc Huberty